Texas doesn’t allow as much mail ballots as other states, suggesting they’ll likely be able to report their informative post results pretty quickly. Trump is heavily favored in the odds, but Biden is within 3% in the polls. Expect Texas to go Trump, but if it goes Biden, throw all of your money on Biden for the rest of the night and don’t regret it. On the other hand, assuming Georgia needs a few days to count votes, if Biden can take Florida, Ohio and North Carolina early, that gives him 62 electoral votes, more than enough to be the next President.

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Biden has exactly a two-thirds chance of winning the White House, according to the latest odds (-227), with Trump coming in at +188 odds (33.3% chance). Check back throughout Tuesday — and until the race is called — for more updates on how the betting market is projecting the results. We’re The brand new Nba Announces Lengthened the king george vi and queen elizabeth stakes Wagering And Daily Dream Agreement Having Draftkings still a long way from this election being over, but some key states are starting to turn in Joe Biden’s direction, according to the betting market. With multiple states still hanging in the balance — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin — the betting odds are moving away from President Donald Trump and toward former Vice President Joe Biden. A half-hour ago, Biden’s odds to win were roughly 29%, so he’s seen nearly a 20-point bump on the heels of some positive early news in Wisconsin.

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Elected members will serve in the 118th US Congress, and you could find betting lines on several of the most closely contested races. The party currently holds an eight-seat advantage with five vacancies (down from a 36-seat advantage prior to the 2020 general election), and their lead could evaporate in 2022. There should be some very interesting House of Representatives odds on the boards for the next election cycle.

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Venture out, follow and listen to people with different political persuasions. When Bloomberg surged in the polls ahead of the Nevada caucus, we knew his Democratic competitors would attack the newcomer. Maybe you bought Bloomberg at 25c to win the nomination on PredictIt. Knowing Bloomberg was going to be the target of many attacks in his first debate might have been good justification for selling his shares and cashing in on some profit. As it turned out, Bloomberg was targeted heavily, specifically by Elizabeth Warren.

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Biden’s odds of a win on Betfair have fallen to 25 percent from 61 percent earlier. There was a similar consensus in the run up to the 2020 election that Trump would lose – but the degree of confidence displayed by the markets and the models diverged markedly. To illustrate, Sporting Index, the spread betting company, announced it thought Joe Biden would win with between 305 and 311 electoral votes as the polls opened on election day, with Trump trailing on 227 to 233 electoral votes. In 2016, the exception was repeated when Hillary Clinton, trading at 7 to 2 on (equivalent to a win probability of about 78%) as polls opened, lost in the electoral college to Donald Trump.

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Paddy Power, which merged with Betfair earlier this year, has had about $4.38 million bet on the race so far. The US election is the second-biggest betting event this year on Ladbrokes, according to a statement by the UK betting company. There have been more wagers placed on the US presidency than the Euro 2016 soccer final, the EU referendum, or the Epsom Derby horse race.

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This could be because of odds dramatically changing of late as bettors rush to the books to bet on Trump. Meanwhile, the GOP 2016 odds were informative in their own right, as new factors emerged that allowed a popular outsider candidate to win the most powerful political seat in the world. Thus, the rules for 2020 might be different than ever before, though lessons from these recent campaigns are a good watermark for what to expect in the current cycle.